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PGi iMeetLive Pricing

A dependable and innovative cloud-based webcasting platform • No downloads, no plugins, it all runs in the browser • Use webcam, telephone, VCU encoder or studio • Up to 10,000 participants • Invitation and reservations module • Automated publishing and editing • Live and/or on-demand events. • Track attendance, survey results, Q&A, or testing and certification • Real-time metrics on ROI.

Sold as scheduled, managed events priced by event, or as a self-service subscription at a flat rate per month for unlimited use.

Part No.Description Managed EventsUnitPrice per unit
imLav01iMeetLive Audio Webinar Managed Event, Live, 1 hour, capacity 5001 hr
cap 500
imLav01aiMeetLive Video Webinar Managed Event, Live, 1 hour, capacity 5001 hr
cap 500
imLav01biMeetLive Video Webinar Managed Event, 1 hour, On-Demand, capacity 5001 hr
cap 500

Additional Capacity
imLav13Add 250 viewers to scheduled capacityeach 250 Add'l$302.25
imLav11Add 30 minutes to scheduled event timeper half hr$423.15
imLav58Add 12 months of Audio Hostingper year$755.63
imLav59Add 12 months of Video Hostingper year$1,511.25
imLav30Additional Confirmation Email Updateseach set$60.45
imLav29Additional Reminder Email Updateseach set$60.45
imLav39Additional Security Feature Updateseach set$60.45
imLav40Additional Email Authorizationseach$60.45
imLav19Additional Customer Registration Questionseach$60.45
imLav15Additional Landing Page Revisionseach$60.45
imLav43Additional Multicast Testing Setupeach$90.68
imLav43aAdditional Multicast Testing Hoursper hr$90.68
imLav16Additional Personal Brandingeach$60.45
imLav20Additional Site Layout Changeseach$60.45
imLav12Additional Speaker Biographieseach$60.45
imLav17Additional Website Bannereach$60.45
imLav14Additional Webcast Player Changeseach$60.45
imLav10Additional Training/Rehearsalper half hour$604.50
imLav44Additional Content Editsper hr$302.25
imLav54Standard Assistfirst hour$634.73
imLav55Premium Assistfirst hour$1,269.45
imLav54aStandard Assist, Additional 30 minutesper half hour$272.03
imLav55aPremium Assist, Additional 30 minutesper half hour$634.73
imLav56Video-based Cloud Switchingper hour$816.08
imLav57Transcription Services (Rush)per hour$846.30
imLav57aTranscription Services (24 hours)per hour$423.15

Add-On Packages
imLop1Advanced Marketing and Portal Packageper mo$604.50
imLop5Continuing Education Packageper mo$604.50
imLop4Multicast Packageper mo$604.50
imLop2Security Packageper mo$604.50
imLop3Simulated Live Packageper mo$604.50

Options and Enhancements
imLav38Custom Security Messageseach$302.25
imLav21Custom Template Brandingper hr$302.25
imLav36Email/Domain Authorization Listseach$302.25
imLav42Engineering Consulting Servicesper hr$302.25
imLav46Enhanced Archiveper mo$90.68
imLav45Enhanced Follow-Up Emailseach$60.45
imLav25Technical Support Via Emaileach$302.25
imLav26Technical Support Via Phone and Emaileach$604.50
imLav27Technical Support Via Phoneeach$906.75
imLav28Technical Support Via Phone, over 50 incidents surchargeeach$302.25
imLav34IP Authorization Setup/Testingeach$302.25
imLav35IP Blocking Setup/Testingeach$302.25
imLav52MP4 Screen Captureper hour$302.25
On-Demand Transcript (6 hour turnaround)
        (24 hour turnaround)
        (48 hour turnaround)
        (72 hour turnaround)
per hour$604.50
Overlay Video Contentfirst file
each add'l
imLav41Post-Event Certification Exameach$604.50
imLav37Restricted Email/Domain Listseach$302.25
Screen Sharingfirst hour
add'l half hour
Simulated Live Eventfirst hour
add'l half hour
imLav32Social Networking Logos on registration pageeach$120.90
imLav33URL Referrer Testingeach$302.25
imLav51Video Podcast / MP4 Downloadeach$181.35
imLav53Webcam Switchingper hour$816.08
Part No.Description Self-Serve SubscriptionsUnitPrice per unit
12 mo min order
imLp1aiMeetLive Unlimited Events, Capacity 300, Telephony and WebCam Onlyper month$1,378.26
imLp1biMeetLive Unlimited Events, Capacity 300, Telephony, WebCam, Encoder and Video Control Unitper month$3,675.36
imLp2aiMeetLive Unlimited Events, Capacity 500, Telephony and WebCam Onlyper month$2,224.56
imLp2biMeetLive Unlimited Events, Capacity 500, Telephony, WebCam, Encoder and Video Control Unitper month$5,416.32
imLp3aiMeetLive Unlimited Events, Capacity 1000, Telephony and WebCam Onlyper month$4,351.19
imLp3biMeetLive Unlimited Events, Capacity 1000, Telephony, WebCam, Encoder and Video Control Unitper month$9,670.79
imLp4aiMeetLive Unlimited Events, Capacity 3000, Telephony and WebCam Onlyper month$7,252.79
imLp4biMeetLive Unlimited Events, Capacity 3000, Telephony, WebCam, Encoder and Video Control Unitper month$15,473.99
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