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GlobalMeet by PGi for WebEx Pricing

Integrates and adds functionality to Cisco’s WebEx licenses that have been purchased separately by the customer. • All licenses include PGi's Agenday, the best calendar app in the business.

Sold as Named User licenses with unlimited web and video usage • FD = Full deployment • NU = Named User • Cap = Participant Capacity • Toll is local number access and includes domestic dial-out and international local access in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom • Toll-Free is continental U.S. toll-free • VoIP audio is provided by Cisco at their terms and prices.

Part No.Description Audio LicencesUnitPrice per unit
12 mo min order
50 unit min order
gma-FDGlobalMeet Audio NU FD Cap 300 w/ unlimited VoIP + unlimited Toll+ Agendayper mo
per user
GlobalMeet Audio Full Deployment Continental U.S. Toll-Free Surcharge
P.O. must show line item for these charges.
per minute
per participant
GlobalMeet Audio Options such as international access and recording, when used, will be charged at the rates shown on the GlobalMeet Audio pricing sheet. P.O. must indicate line item for these charges.
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